Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The camera.

I should say right now that our camera was not working on all cylinders for the 3 days we were in D.C. We discovered this the day before as we were happily snapping everything that moved as we navigated from Union Station to the Hart Senate office to pick up our tickets. Ten shots in, the low battery light went on and I became one of those annoying wives, and I hate admitting that because I try so hard NOT to be one, but I said something to the effect of, "I told you to charge the battery last night." It was uncalled for, I was annoyed, but it was the phrase that fit the moment.

The result was, not so many pics from the day before. You can bet that the camera battery was secure in it's charging spot when we clicked off the light that night. I'm sure I pulled another Bob Newhart moment, when I slightly inquired a few more times if the battery was actually in it's rightful charging spot. Each time was the affirmative and yes, I checked myself. I am totally capable of that.

The next morning as we were inching closer to L'Enfant plaza, the same damn low battery light was flashing again and the truth was known. The battery did NOT take a charge. In fact we were back at the same battery level as we were the night before when we both checked and double checked (okay triple checked) that the thing was plugged in. It said it was taking a charge. When the alarm went off the charging light was green which means that you're good to go. I sort of like it when inanimate objects give me the thumbs up.

What's a Spencer to do? Well, if you're married to one Joe Spencer, you have inherent knowledge that batteries get cold and freeze. What one needs to do is warm it up and it shall work for a few shots before shutting down and begging not to be used again out of doors. Go ahead, roll your eyes, I did too. But how does one warm a battery up when you're committed to standing outside for at least the next, oh, 6-7 hours? Yep - you put it in your pants. I know. I know! Go ahead and laugh. I would have too, if I wouldn't have been thinking of all of the human interest shots that I was missing, like the guy holding his hat on a stick while talking on the phone.

But here's the thing...it worked!

We are also relying on the awesome people we shared intimate space with for 7 hours. We took pictures of them, they took pictures of us, and we exchanged email addresses via frozen fingers and ink pens. The pictures are still coming in. Please be patient.


  1. Bummer! did you use the camera we gave you? If so ... good to know about warming the battery! Those Spencers are SO resourceful, aren't they!

  2. Yeah it was, but for some reason, I'm sure it's operator error.