Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Old Scout

So I'm a fan of Garrison Keillor's for a number of reasons. One being that he has me laughing through tears more often than a Lutheran should. Here is his take on the big day. Sometimes we have to rely on the actual writers of this world to comment properly.

He also wrote a sonnet:


Two-thousand nine, the 20th of January,
I was there at the Capitol in the freezing cold
With two million others, feeling very
Warm and hopeful as the big drums rolled
And the man said the oath, so help me God,
And cannons boomed and all of us --- O God --- we cried
We cried, old, young, men, women, as we applaud-
Ed, we wept, America, for you justified
At last as a nation of by God true ideals,
Our true beginnings, to which we now return--
Created equal, justice under law --- one feels
That even in the cold, these fires burn.
And then the man and his wife walking down the street \
And the country moves to a strong and silent beat.

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